Given below are some frequently asked questions with answers.
Question: I am in the last year of my IT graduation / post-graduation. Can L K InfoTech help me in doing my industrial project which is part of our curriculum?
Answer: Yes. You can select a project as per your college guidelines or otherwise we can provide a good project. We will provide guidance in completing the project and its presentation. We will also prepare you to face the campus interviews. You must approach us at least 3 months in advance before the project submission date, however you can approach us as early as possible for your own benefit.
Question: I am a fresher, how can L K InfoTech help me in getting my first job in IT?
Answer: L K InfoTech (LKIT) offers a unique opportunity through the Career Development Program (CDP). The CDP combines advanced training in latest technologies which are highly in demand with project work experience. We also place candidates in IT companies. For further details you can contact us.
Question: Can I get a job after completing CDP?
Answer: The CDP has been designed to empower the candidate to get very good work opportunities. Also, we place candidates in IT companies.
Question: Do I have to pay any deposit or sign any bond while joining CDP?
Answer: No
Question: If I get a job in some other company before completing the CDP, can I accept it?
Answer: Yes
Question: Will I get an experience letter after completing the CDP?
Answer: Yes, as you would get real projects experience.
Question: How will L K InfoTech help me in getting a job?
Answer: LKIT will help in getting a job in other IT organizations. Also there would be opportunities available within LKIT.
Question: If a person has 1-3 years experience in IT and wants to change his/her job or currently does not have a job, can LKIT help?
Answer: Yes, we have opportunities for such candidates, contact us for further details.
For any other queries please contact us by email: info@lkinfotech.co.in